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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


West Quay Apartments

This page highlights the two new blocks of apartments built on the West Quay of the Main Basin at Gloucester in 2004-05. This project was significant as it was the first new-build in the 21st century redevelopment of the docks. The following links lead to pages that feature other developments in the docks:

Residential Warehouses  Barge Arm Apartments  Public Realm  Kimbrose Walk  Merchants Quay

Former warehouses on the West Quay, Gloucester Docks

The West Quay was formerly occupied by warehouses that were built in the 1830s and demolished in the 1960s when they were in poor condition. 

The new buildings erected by Dean & Dyball Construction for Laing Homes provide 50 apartments with three shops and parking on the ground floor.

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