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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Residential Warehouses

After a long period of stagnation in the docks, a boom in the housing market in the early years of the 21st century inspired a period of rapid change. This page features the conversion of the available warehouses to provide one and two bedroom apartments, and the following links lead to pages dealing with other developments in the docks:

West Quay Apartments  Barge Arm Apartments  Public Realm  Kimbrose Walk  Merchants Quay

Pridays Mill
     The first project to create residential accommodation in a dockside building was the conversion of the former City Flour Mills to 30 flats and two bars by Thornton Homes. Work started in October 2001, and some residents had moved in by January 2003, but work was delayed by financial difficulties and the accommodation was not finished until Summer 2004.

Albert Warehouse
     The rapid sale of apartments in Pridays Mill demonstrated that there was a demand for dockside living, and this inspired Crest Nicholson to convert the Albert Warehouse to one and two bedroom apartments. Contractors Barnwood Construction started in August 2002, and new owners were given their keys in July 2003.



Vinings and Reynolds Warehouses
     Soon after completing the Albert Warehouse, Crest Nicholson embarked on converting Vinings and Reynolds Warehouses to provide 70 one and two bedroom apartments with three workshops on the ground floor of Reynolds and a new restaurant on the ground floor of Vinings. Contractors Barnwood Construction started work in November 2003, and Vinings was ready for occupation in October 2004 and Reynolds in January 2005. Reynolds Warehouse has a glazed atrium running down through the centre of the building to provide some natural lighting to internal rooms.

Biddle and Shipton Warehouses
     Crest Nicholson have converted Biddle and Shipton Warehouses to create 18 two-bed and 14 one-bed apartments with two commercial uses on the ground floor of Biddle. Architects Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners arranged for the apartments to be accessible off a new timber and glazed atrium which links the two buildings. A new glazed "lantern" has been installed on the roof to provide lighting to this internal circulation area. Contractors Barnwood Construction started work in November 2005 and finished in December 2006.



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