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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Monk Meadow Quay North

Bloor Homes began house building on land beside the northern half of Monk Meadow Quay in 2008, initially concentrating on the northern end of the site close to Secunda Way. This page features plans and progress for the remainder of the site, particularly the buildings along the canal frontage.

     The original plans for the site proposed the construction of 131 houses and 90 flats, and work began on those coloured red in the sketch. In March 2009, Bloor Homes submitted revised plans for the remainder of the site to suit a market that had changed dramatically since the original application was granted. Previously planned apartments were removed from the scheme to concentrate on providing 103 new 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses, an overall reduction of 38 housing units. The buildings along the canal frontage have three storeys and gabled roofs with the intention of reflecting the area's dockside and warehousing heritage. The trees and open space at the northern end of the quay will be retained as a public amenity. (App Ref 09/00250) 

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