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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Kimbrose Walk

This page features the creation of an interesting walk-way along the east side of the Victoria Dock which will form part of a route linking the Gloucester Quays designer outlet centre and the city centre. The following links lead to pages featuring other developments in the docks:

Residential Warehouses  West Quay Apartments  Barge Arm Apartments  Public Realm  Merchants Quay

     Local contractors Britannia started on site in November 2009. While clearing the ground along the east side of the dock, they recovered two lengths of railway line and relayed them to suit the intended level of the planned paving. (More) After a temporary surface was laid over this area to allow access to properties, the land to the east was cleared, and new paving was laid to form a roadway flanked by two walkways. The work was completed in November 2010, including the installation of two pieces of public art and an historic crane as described below.


Floorscape Art
     At the north end of the Victoria Dock, the new paving incorporates a design by Katayoun Dowlatshahi, creating a virtual dock side with the outlines of bygone ships.


The shapes are formed by pieces of timber supplied by T Nielsen & Co, some being wrapped in copper.


Beacon Art
     To act as a beacon on the walking route between the docks and the city centre, Wolfgang Buttress (photo right) has designed a 22 metre high structure in the form of a candle or flame. This references the religious context of the nearby cathedral, and it is also a reminder of the many fires that have occurred in the docks. Made of corten steel, the structure was erected on 8 August 2010 with the aid of two cranes. A ring around the base of the candle is inscribed with the words of Ivor Gurney’s poem 'Requiem’:

     Pour out your bounty, moon of radiant shining
     On all this shattered flesh, these quiet forms;
     For these were slain, so quiet still reclining,
     In the noblest cause was ever waged with arms.

     The pictures below show the installation process.




Midland Railway Crane
     To add interest to the walk along the east side of the Victoria Dock, a crane has been installed that came from the Midland Railway goods yard at New Mills station in Cheshire. It dates from 1902 and was capable of lifting 5 tons. In 1995, it was rescued by the Waterways Museum, and refurbishment work was carried out by Friends of the Museum. After a period in storage, the metal parts were repainted and a new wooden jib was made by Allen Prout of Newent, paid for by the South West Regional Development Agency. The restored crane was installed beside the Victoria Dock on 9 November 2010, as shown in the pictures below. 




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