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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Docks Public Realm

This page highlights the carefully chosen selection of high quality paving surfaces, light fittings and street furniture for use around the public open spaces in the docks, and the following links lead to pages featuring other developments in the docks:

Residential Warehouses  West Quay Apartments  Barge Arm Apartments  Kimbrose Walk  Merchants Quay

Plan for Phase 1a of the public realm, Gloucester Docks, 2004Phase 1a To the North of the Mariners Chapel
     Design proposals for paving and street furniture for the public spaces around Albert, Vinings and Reynolds Warehouses were approved by Gloucester City Council on 3 Aug 2004. These showed the quaysides surfaced with warm-toned resin bound gravel and the central area with granite paving and two types of limestone. Lighting proposals included wall mounted fittings and underground lights pointing upwards. Work started in September 2005.


Phase 1a Completed
     Work on Phase 1a was effectively completed just before Easter 2006. The central area near the Mariners Chapel (picture right) was covered by granite blocks and Forest of Dean sandstone with a pattern of 34 underground lighting features called infinity light boxes. Unfortunately, the light boxes did not work properly and they have subsequently been removed.

Plans for Phase 1b of the public realm, Gloucester DocksPhase 1b To the South of the Mariners Chapel
     Design proposals for paving and street furniture around the north and east sides of the Barge Arm were approved by the Planning Committee on 8 Nov 2005. These showed that the area between the Mariners Chapel and the Barge Arm (pictured right) would have some benches and be overlooked by a terrace in front of the restaurant on the ground floor of the Barge Arm apartment block. This work was completed in November 2007.

Phase 2 To the North and East of the Victoria Dock
     Proposals by LDA Design for paving, lighting and street furniture around the north and east sides of the Victoria Dock were put on show for public consultation on 11 Dec 2008. The aim is to create an interesting pedestrian-friendly route along the east side of the dock which will form part of an important link between the Gloucester Quays development and the city centre. For progress, see Kimbrose Walk. At the north end of the dock, it is proposed in due course to have an events area overlooked by a raised terrace in front of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum and the adjoining building (see picture right).

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