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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Two Mile Cut - Summer 2006

This page reports recent progress on the new cut that has bypassed the awkward double bend in the canal two miles south of Gloucester. The following links lead to pages covering earlier aspects of the project:

Plans for 2m Cut   Excavating 2m Cut   Clearing 2m Cut   Opening 2m Cut   Netheridge Bridge
 Dewatering 2m Bend   2m Bend Desilting   2m Bend Filling   Historical Background

Aerial View
     This aerial view shows the new channel cutting off the old bend and the canal continuing to the upper left towards Gloucester. It also shows the line of Gloucester's South West Bypass which will cross the new channel and the filled-in old channel to meet Cole Avenue on the right edge of the picture. (Photo: © Robert Bewley 5 May 2006)



Tall Ship Uses New Cut
     The Earl of Pembroke, that has featured in many films, was the first tall ship to pass through the new cut when she left Gloucester on 7 May. This was also a first for her pilot who had used the old bend when taking her up to Gloucester for overhaul. (Photo: Brian Furniss)





Public Viewing Gallery
     The County Council provided a public viewing gallery overlooking the site of the bridge being built to carry Gloucester's South West Bypass over Two Mile Cut. The picture taken from the gallery on 8 June shows passenger boat Queen Boadicea II passing the blue sections of the the bridge deck that are currently being supported on a steel frame while being welded together. On the left, the structure of the bridge control cabin is taking shape. The public viewing gallery has been closed.

Further Information
     For project plans, earlier & later progress and historical background, see links above.

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