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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Dewatering Two Mile Bend

Following the opening of the new cut that has bypassed the awkward double bend in the canal two miles south of Gloucester, work started on dewatering part of the old channel in preparation for constructing an embankment to carry Gloucester's South West Bypass. This page reports progress in this area, and the following links lead to pages covering other aspects of the overall project:

Plans for 2m Cut   Excavating 2m Cut   Clearing 2m Cut   Opening 2m Cut   2m Cut Summer 06
Netheridge Bridge   2m Bend Desilting   2m Bend Filling   Historical Background

Piling Across Two Mile Bend
     To isolate a section of the old channel prior to dewatering, work started on driving a line of sheet piling across the east end of the old channel on 16 May. A second line of sheet piling across the west end of the old channel was well advanced by 29 May. The joints between the piles were made watertight by a coating of bitumen which was melted by the heat generated by friction during the driving of the piles.



     Having isolated part of the old channel, pumps were set to work on 7 June to remove the water. The project had been delayed for a few days because a swan was nesting beside the section due to be drained. After the eggs hatched, permission was obtained to move the birds a short distance to a new nest prepared by the contractors, and this allowed the dewatering to start.




Removing the Fish
     Having considerably lowered the level of the isolated part of the old channel, work to remove the fish started on 12 June. A huge net was laid out in a big circle and then drawn into one side. Among the fish collected was a 13 pound Zander.


For project plans, earlier & later progress and historical background, see the links above.  


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