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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Two Mile Bend - Removing Silt

Following the draining of part of the old channel around Two Mile Bend, the remaining silt was removed prior to filling with spoil to form an embankment to carry Gloucester's South West Bypass. This page reports progress in this area, and the following links lead to pages covering other aspects of the overall project:

Plans for 2m Cut   Excavating 2m Cut   Clearing 2m Cut   Opening 2m Cut   2m Cut Summer 06
Netheridge Bridge   Dewatering 2m Bend   Filling 2m Bend   Historical Background

Tipping Stone Into Two Mile Bend
     Having removed the fish and pumped out most of the remaining water, contractors began tipping limestone from Wickwar Quarry into the old channel around Two Mile Bend on 27 June. The stone displaced the residual silt and formed a causeway across the channel.



Forming a Dam at Two Mile Bend
     Having laid a causeway of stone across the old channel around Two Mile Bend, contractors began covering it with spoil from the pile on the right on 3 July. A second such dam across the channel was formed further west.




Shifting Silt at Two Mile Bend
     Having formed two dams across the the old channel around Two Mile Bend, a long arm excavator on the eastern dam started ladling silt out of the central area and depositing it on the other side of the dam.


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