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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Docks Details - West

This page highlights some of the interesting details that can be seen around the west part of the dock estate at Gloucester, and the links below lead to pages giving more examples:

Details - North  Details - South  Details - East

Old Pump on West Quay
     The centrifugal pump on the West Quay was installed in 1963 as part of the scheme to feed River Severn water along the canal to supply Bristol. It has been superceded by pumps under the adjoining quayside.

Anchor by Engine House
     The anchor by the engine house was given to Tommi Nielsen as it was surplus to requirements.

Boundary Mark on Small Dry Dock
     The inscription on the north wall of the small dry dock was put there in 1845 to clarify the position of a sharp change in direction of the Gloucester city boundary six feet in front of the inscription.

Centre Line of Large Dry Dock
     An arrow carved in the stone at the head of the large dry dock marks the centreline of the dock to aid the proper alignment of a ship while it is settling on to the blocks in the bottom of the dock.

Depth Gauge by Lock
     A gauge near the upper lock gates shows the nominal depth of water in the dock, but it is not reliable as the dock is not now dredged to its original depth.

Depth Gauge by Dry Dock
     A gauge beside the entrance to the large dry dock shows the depth of water over the entrance cill - usually about twelve feet.

Capstan by the Lock
     The electric powered capstan beside the lock was installed in 1938 to assist in the movement of dumb barges through the lock.

Base of Engine House Chimney
     The chimney of the engine house was demolished c1966 when the steam engine and boilers were removed to provide improved workshop facilities.

     The figurehead over the gate to Tommi Nielsen's yard was used in the film Elizabeth - the Golden Age.

Figurehead in Action
     A still from the film Elizabeth - the Golden Age shows Sir Walter Raleigh sitting astride the figurehead

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