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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Docks Details - North

This page highlights some of the interesting details that can be seen around the north part of the dock estate at Gloucester, and the following links lead to pages giving more examples:

Details - South  Details - East  Details - West

Steam Crane on the North Quay
     The 7 ton steam crane on the North Quay is a standard Leeds type built in 1944 by Joseph Booth & Brothers of Rodley. After working for many years at the South Shields Ship Repair Yard, it was brought to Gloucester in 1994 as a reminder of the steam cranes which once worked around the docks.

Railway Lines on the North Quay
      The right-hand pair of railway lines on the North Quay formed a siding serving the North Warehouse, and the left-hand pair once continued over a bridge across the lock to a turn-table which gave access to a line along the West Quay.

Atlas Bell
     The bell on the corner of the North Warehouse came from the ship Atlas. It was rung to tell the dockers the starting and finishing times for work, and it also served as a fire bell.

Plaque on North Warehouse
     The plaque high up on the front wall of the North Warehouse records that the building was erected for the Canal Co by W Rees & Son.

Crane Base
     A rectangle of stones around a shaft on the North Quay once enclosed the base of a manually operated crane with a wooden jib used for handling heavy cargoes.

Plaque on City Flour Mills
     This plaque commemorates the famous legal case known as Hadley v Baxendale which set the precedent for assessing damages in breach of contract cases.

Commercial Road Gates
     The gates at the Commercial Road entrance were formerly close to the road frontage and were moved in the 1980s to allow free access to the new North Warehouse car park. The iron gates replaced wooden gates in 1914 when the entrance was widened.

Port 400 Plaque on the Dock Office
     A plaque on the Dock office wall marks the 400th anniversary of the charter granting Gloucester the formal status of a port. It was unveiled during a weekend when, for the first time, the public was invited to the docks to enjoy exhibitions, entertainment and a gathering of pleasure craft.

Drinking Fountain
     The drinking fountain beside the Commercial Road entrance to the docks was installed by the local Board of Health in 1864 for the benefit of the dock workers.

Stone Door-frame
     The door-frame beside the Commercial Road entrance to the docks is formed from stones that once surrounded the entrance to the docks coffee house in this location.

Two Sphinxes
     The two sculptures beside the entrance to the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum are based on the sphinx badge of the Gloucestershire Regiment awarded in 1802 following distinguished service in Egypt. 

Letterbox From Docks Post Office
     The letterbox near the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum came from the former docks post and telegraph office in Commercial Road when that building was demolished. 

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