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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Filming "Through the Looking Glass"

The old warehouses at Gloucester have provided ideal backgrounds for shooting scenes for period television dramas and feature films, including the Onedin Line and Vanity Fair. This page highlights the latest such enterprise, using four photos by John Wilkes, and another page features the filming of 'Amazing Grace'. 

Five tall ships, including Irene, Kathleen & May and Earl of Pembroke, gathered at Gloucester to take part in filming scenes for Disney's 'Through the Looking Glass' on 18 Aug 2014.

The main action took place on the quay beside the Waterways Museum, but props were distributed around both sides of the docks, and the film crew 'dressed' the adjoining buildings to hide all traces of modernity.


Film crew on the Waterways Museum quay

Many props on the opposite quayside

Extras helped to add atmosphere

Rowing boats provided background activity

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