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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Canal Company Management

This page highlights the people involved with the management of the canal and docks, and the links above lead to pages giving information about some of the employees:

Assistant Harbour Master Albert Everett and his familyThe Canal Company 1793-1874
     The canal was built and initially operated by the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Company. The senior manager was the Engineer & Superintendent, based at Saul Lodge, who was particularly responsible for the operation and maintenance of the canal. The Clerk (later Secretary), based at Gloucester, administered the collection of tolls and property rents. The Harbour Master at Sharpness was responsible for assisting ships in and out of the entrance, and the Dock Master at Gloucester managed the moorings and the wharves around the basins. Between them, they supervised the work of employees such as bridgemen, lock keepers, maintenance craftsmen, labourers, watchmen and office workers.


Engineer & Superintendent


Harbour Master at Sharpness

Dock Master at Gloucester

1826-62 W Clegram
1862-85 W B Clegram

1829-62 W B Clegram
1862-88 Henry Waddy

1828-69 Richard Wraith
1869-97 James Calway

1830-32 John Bateman
1832-61 Thos Francillon
1861-70 Capt Browne
1870-72 John Molloy

The Dock Company 1874-1947

     In the early 1870s, the Canal Company built a new dock at Sharpness to accommodate the larger ships then in service, and they also took over the Worcester & Birmingham Canal Co to prevent the water route to the Midlands falling into the hands of a railway company. Recognising these developments, in 1874 the company's name was changed to the Sharpness New Docks & Gloucester & Birmingham Navigation Company, commonly known as the Dock Company. Initially, the Engineer remained the principal member of staff, but in due course the role of the Secretary expanded and he became the General Manager. The number of employees increased as the Company took over the operation of the tugs and the dock railways, built and managed houses at Sharpness and provided a stevedore service.

General Manager and Secretary


Harbour Master at Sharpness

Dock Master at Gloucester

1888-98 Henry Waddy
1898-17 Hubert Waddy
1917-31 E Manning Lewis
1931-41 A J Cullis
1941-47 A C Lisle

1885-13 G W Keeling
1885-08 F A Jones
1908-41 A J Cullis
1941-47 E Perry

1897-17 Frederick Field
1917-28 Harry Evans
1928-47 Garnon Owen

1872-97 Dover Farrant
1897-11 E Brinkworth

British Waterways 1948-present

     After the Second World War, the Government took over most canal and dock companies, and the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal and docks came under the management of the Docks & Inland Waterways Executive of the British Transport Commission, which subsequently evolved into British Waterways and now Canal & River Trust. 

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