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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Where Did They Go?

This page records information about vessels that were once associated with Gloucester. News of other such vessels would be welcome.

100 Year Old Cutter Still Sailing
     The 44 feet long cutter Carlotta, originally named Solway, was built by W H Halford & Co on the east bank of the canal below Hempsted Bridge in 1900. In 2004, she was owned by Stephen Mohan and sailed off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Research has established that she was built for fishery protection duties off the coast of Cumberland. (Photo: Stephen Mohan)


Tug Hazel's Curious Later Role
     Information about a later role of the former canal steam tug Hazel has been provided by Richard Clammer who is researching boats at Weymouth. He was interested in a boat named Zippa which had come from the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal and had a hull like that of a tug. It was known in Weymouth that she had previously been called Lindy Lou, and memories in Gloucestershire recognised that this was the name given to the Hazel by the Stourport owner who bought her from British Waterways in the 1950s. At Weymouth in the 1960s, she was the home of a Mr Jack Hughes and had quite modernistic steamlined white upperworks, which did not suit her venerable origins. The living spaces were wallpapered, which was the source of much amusement for the quayside observers of the time, and she was fitted with a domestic toilet and bath, which might have been satisfactory on a river or canal but caused all sorts of interesting problems when she put to sea! She probably left Weymouth in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Any further information would be welcome. (Photo: R Clammer) 

MV Severn Side
     After MV Severn Side finished delivering wheat to Reynolds Mill at Gloucester, David Robins reports that while working to Rankin's flour mill on the River Roach in Essex, she was holed by a collision with a semi-submerged container. She eventually lost engine power and was stranded athwart the fairway until temporary repairs could be made. She was then towed to the mill and discharged.
     She was broken up on the Medway in 2006.

Other Vessels
     Resolute - this former estuary tug was broken up at Bullo Dock in May 2010.
     Risga - the former directors' motor cruiser was being restored at Hayling Island in 2009. (More)
     Thomas Fletcher - the former canal dredger was broken up in Sharpness dry dock in 2009.

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