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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Replica Tramroad Wagons

Two replica wagons were installed in front of the Albion Cottages in March 2010 on the historic alignment of the horse-operated tramroad that ran between Gloucester Docks and Cheltenham from 1811 to 1861. (More about the tramroad)

The project was initiated by the Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology and was paid for by the South West Regional Development Agency. The wagons were made by Dorothea Restorations of Bristol to a design by David McDougall based on photographs of those in use on the Leckhampton Hill branch of the tramroad in the early 20th century. The stone sleeper blocks had come from a siding on the north side of the nearby Barge Arm and the cast-iron rails had been found years ago on the south side of the Barge Arm.

The rails were set up on the stone sleeper blocks and were fixed down by nails driven into oak pegs.

The first wagon was lifted off the delivery lorry and was then manoeuvred on to the rails.

The second wagon was lifted off the delivery lorry and was manoeuvred on to the rails.

Finally, the two wagons were fastened in position so they could not roll off the rails.

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