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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Four Tall Ships, July 2009

In the three days 12-14 July 2009, four tall ships were on the move along the canal, and all four were at Gloucester on the morning of 14 July.

Topsail schooner Johanna Lucretia in front of Alexandra Warehouse, barque Kaskelot in the large dry dock, three masted schooner Kathleen & May in the small dry dock and Earl of Pembroke on the West Quay. In the centre are the former fishing vessels Speedwell and Nordic Star (enclosed in shrink-wrap).

Johanna Lucretia had recently completed a major overhaul after being abandoned by her former owner in 2003. She departed on 14 July.

had been in the large dry dock for six weeks for an overhaul and the replacement of some planks. She departed on 14 July.

Kathleen & May
arrived on 13 July for maintenance work on her hull, and she was manoeuvred backwards into the small dry dock. (Crew's website)

As the Earl of Pembroke was passing up the canal on 12 July, a collision with the abutment of Rea Bridge broke off several feet of her bowsprit, leaving the broken piece hanging down. (Photo: Gerald Griffiths)

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